Father Figure

Father Figure. Written by Bam Alegre for SubSelfie.comFather Figure. Written by Bam Alegre for SubSelfie.com

The breaking news came in the form of a flash report. It was April 2012 and I learned days ago that I made it as a reporter for GMA News. As it turned out, it was not the highlight of that year.

It was the policy of the hospital not to let anyone else inside the operating room. So I waited in a separate room. The nurse told me she’d call me when it was time.

After a few hours, the nurse did call me. It was time. When I opened the door, the doctor was already holding this little bundle of cuteness. And such was the origin story of Arkin and also my fatherhood.

The newsroom became Arkin’s nursery. After two years, it’s his playground now. Once in a while, when everyone’s toxic with their deadlines and developing stories, I believe my son gave them reasons to forget their stress.

When he was just two years old, Arkin called me by my first name. Maybe he hears my name more often in the news. Maybe he sees me more in the television than at home. Maybe it’s one of the sacrifices of my work.

Or maybe he just loves watching the news. He may call me by my first name back then but he always looks for me when I’m home. He clings to me during playtime. And he listens to my lessons. If I can inform millions of Filipinos with my news reports, I must be there to mentor my young man.

I may teach my son a lot. But I learn more from him everyday.

Heaven sent.
Heaven sent.

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About the Author:

Bam Alegre.
Bam Alegre is the founder of SubSelfie.com and writes from time to time as a guest contributor. He is a News Reporter for GMA News (2012) and an Instructor for the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of the East (2015). He was also part of the team that won GMA News the prestigious George Foster Peabody Award for the news coverage of super typhoon Yolanda (2013). Previously, he worked behind the scenes as a Segment Producer for State of the Nation with Jessica Soho and 24 Oras (2009-2012). He is also the vocalist, pianist and guitarist of the band No Parking (2005). BA Broadcast Communication 2007, UP Diliman. Read more of his articles here.

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  1. Isidro Dela Paz Cruz says:

    Next generation!


  2. Melchor Baltazar says:

    Good Job!


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