Stephen King’s IT (1986): How to Beat the Devil

Conceptually ambitious and emotionally cathartic, Stephen King’s IT continues to shock and horrify readers to this day.

#DUPDalagita: Reflections and Subversions

The stage is bare, black, and empty. Yet this emptiness is the most telling of Eimear Mcbride’s A Girl is a Half-Formed Thing, which has been recently adapted in Filipino and premiered in Dulaang UP (DUP). A single actress is all it took for DUP to stage a story of 15 characters, each of whom…

Bagong Cristo

In a conservative country like the Philippines, tinkering with the image of Jesus Christ is usually taboo. We are all familiar with the divine narrative – the begotten son of God was sent to Earth to save the world from sin, the man spends his three decades on Earth teaching, and is later persecuted and…

Understanding the Angry Christ

Churchgoers would know that most images of Jesus Christ were of a loving man. While there are biblical accounts of Jesus Christ being angry, he was never pictured like that. That is the most baffling part of Angry Christ.

Gabe Bondoc: The Homecoming of a YouTube Sensation

One. Two. Seven. Nine. It took a while before I (as well as hundreds of other fans) got to hear that intro live in Manila straight from the man himself—Gabe Bondoc. It was long overdue, but damn was it worth the wait. We Match Unlike many of his over 300,000 subscribers, I didn’t find Gabe…