Serving the Country through ABS-CBN

A teacher-turned-TV script supervisor in ABS-CBN believes working at school and on TV are the same: they serve the Filipino people.


Sinong mag-aakalang hahantong tayo sa pagkakataong ang kahulugan ng bawat araw ay batay sa rami ng nangamatay at nangabuhay at ng mga nasa pagitan nito?

Oral Origins 2: Gago and Leche

After discussing Putang Ina and Yawa in the first edition of our special report Oral Origins, our sequel presents two more familiar utterances.

Beks Factor: Loving a Man who Loves Men

Editor’s Note: Beks or Beki is a Filipino colloquial term that refers to gay men. This is a story of a girl who loved a boy who loves boys. We geared up for the high notes as we wait for the next song in the small videoke room. From the clear pane that divides our room…