When Quitting Your Job Is the Right Thing to Do Even During a Pandemic

But in pockets of idle time, UNCERTAINTY would rear its ugly head. ‘Where am I headed next?’

Why I Left My Job as a TV News Reporter in a Popular Network

It’s not the pay. To be honest, it’s the pay that had held me back. For years, I postponed any pursuit of relatable opportunities because of bonuses and pay raise that were at stake. Bills and payables were also powerful grounding forces. Then one day, everything imploded into a thought: kung puro pera at bayarin…

My Quest for Employment: Moving Beyond Bipolar Disorder

I usually thought I was late. Back in April 2011, I was a 23-year old Economics fresh graduate from U.P. Diliman wanting to make a mark in the world. But I was also struggling with the thought that many of the young people like me believe we can change the world by finding a job….