A Pact Violated: What We Must Remember in Araw ng Maynila

The process of sanduguan was an agreement reached by two peoples. And it was this agreement that was, as firmly believed by Filipino revolutionaries in the late 19th century, violated by Spain.

Jovito Salonga: Pasigueño, Guerilla, Blast Survivor, Senate President

“The Nation’s Fiscalizer” was the title that the Philippines Free Press had given this rising vocal senator in 1968 who has voiced his opposition on the growing authoritarian ways of the Marcos administration in every step of the way. His oratory skills in the Senate floor was legendary. He was but among the several cacophony…

The Common Mistake Every Independence Day

Saying that we commemorate the ‘122 anniversary of Philippine independence’ today implies that we have had our national sovereignty and independence for the past 122 years, which is not historically accurate.