Serving the Country through ABS-CBN

A teacher-turned-TV script supervisor in ABS-CBN believes working at school and on TV are the same: they serve the Filipino people.


With each waking moment of your student life, the stressful hardships co-exist with the sublime happiness of spending time with people that matter. Difficult, yes, but you could endure together. And then it suddenly stops. Not that you want it, sometimes it has to. Everything will be a memory: something you can forget or something you…


I hope this message finds you well. The world calls you millennials — and with your diverse skills, the possibilities are endless. Yet understandably, it is also a time of uncertainty since you are about to leave the comfort zone of the classroom. If you may have entertained doubts, everything is still alright. We live in a time when…

When the Teacher Is a Millennial

A young professional shares the journey from the industry to the academe, and the joy that serving students brings to oneself.