Serving the Country through ABS-CBN

A teacher-turned-TV script supervisor in ABS-CBN believes working at school and on TV are the same: they serve the Filipino people.

Creating Waves in Siargao

You see, I have never been a public school teacher. I was once behind the lens, doing the interviews, listening for inspiring sound bites that I may share to the viewing public. I met these teachers in the mountains, on remote islands and across far-flung barangays, each of them willing to traverse dangerous seas and…

Public Schools: A Teacher’s Checklist of Concerns

As a student, I would dream of new pens, bags, shoes and sets of our school uniform every June. My heart would light up whenever I ran the palm of my hand on a thick and smooth pad paper, remembering those carefree moments: no stress, unbound by responsibilities, oblivious of unpaid bills but conscientious when it comes…

Why I Sued GMA: Refusing Unfair Labor Practices in the Media

In June 2014, I sued my employer, GMA Network, Inc. Signing those documents sealed my future, or the end of it. Scratch that. The company does not actually recognize me as its employee, and that’s precisely why I, along with other members of the Talents Association of GMA (TAG), filed a case against the network….