Notes on Duterte’s Alleged Health Decline

With around 600 days left before his term ends, is President Duterte still fit to lead the country?

A Day in the Life of a Humanitarian

It was a decent looking boat carrying us to Gigantes. I decided to sit at the forefront to enjoy solitude, while everyone else chitchats while sitting on the wooden bench in the middle. This was more than a two-hour ride on the waves of Panay. The first hour was manageable and the scene was rewarding, until…

Oral Origins 2: Gago and Leche

After discussing Putang Ina and Yawa in the first edition of our special report Oral Origins, our sequel presents two more familiar utterances.


Ang dali. Ang daling sabihin: “Eh kung ‘di naman kasi sila tamad, kung nagpursige ba sila sa pag-aaral. Kung ‘di sila nag-anak ng apat, anim, siyam. Kung ‘di na lang sila umalis sa probinsya para maghanap ng trabaho sa Maynila. Kung tumanggi sila. Kung ‘di sila adik. Kung ‘di sila tulak.” Ang daling sabihin kasi…

Their Last Moments on Earth

After dusk, when darkness sprawls over the metro — thieves, murderers and drug personalities find their most opportune time to do business. And where these hooligans leave a bloody mess, that’s where my duty as a graveyard reporter begins. The dirty job takes some getting used to. But I’ve never thought that my graveyard shift will…