Road to Martial Law Redux: A Conclusion to the Series

Conferring the ‘hero’ status to a dictator who was clearly responsible for much of the country’s economic woes, corruption in government bureaucracy and perpetrator of human rights violations–it boggles the mind.

The Long Night Begins: Martial Law Announced on Live TV

September 23, 1972, Midnight. It began at night, as all crimes are done. That is, Philippine democracy died in the cover of darkness. As the entire country slept soundly, President Ferdinand Marcos had sent out the military to round up the media, the opposition statesmen, activist leaders, writers, artists, all of whom have expressed a…

Like a Thief in the Night: Martial Law Implemented

President Ferdinand Marcos, ever the paranoid leader, never revealed his plans for Martial Law to his close associates, except to a selected few, many of whom were within his inner circle of advisers.

The Turbulent ’60s and Marcos’ Ascent to Power

Much like the politics of today, the 1960s were full of scandal and betrayal. How did these bring about Ferdinand Marcos’ ascent to power?Our resident historian Kris Pasion narrates in this fourth part of our 15-part series ‘Road to Martial Law.’

The Common Mistake Every Independence Day

Saying that we commemorate the ‘122 anniversary of Philippine independence’ today implies that we have had our national sovereignty and independence for the past 122 years, which is not historically accurate.

How Ugly the Jennies May Well Be

Note: This is a work of fiction, based on true historical facts. The year 1918 came when Fort Stotsenburg was renamed Clark Air Field and hosted, aside from the US Cavalry in the Pacific, the new US 13th Air Force and with it came hordes of aircrafts for military aviation and thousands of motorized vehicle…

“Bury Caesar”

Editor’s Note: This is a direct reply to a recently published article of entitled A Hero’s Burial? Dear Alaysa, I read your article detailing the events of how your family ‘suffered’ under Martial Law. It would be preposterous if I say ‘I feel your pain’ and that whatever ‘injustice’ was done is too trivial. I…

A Hero’s Burial?

The incoming president, Rodrigo Duterte, tells us that for those who suffered abuses during Martial Law: “It’s just a matter of distributing the award. So anong problema? Patay na ‘yung tao.” (So what’s the problem? The person is dead.) Well you see, Mr. President-elect, my late granduncle Dr. Johnny Escandor died under the dictatorship — his…