Repurposing: The ‘New Normal’ in Teaching

A part-time teacher reflects on the possible “new normal” in education brought by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Freelance: The Price of Freedom

I am writing this piece with a Post-It note of my backlogs: a research proposal, three science articles, and two pitches. Not to mention my piles of papers to check (including a thesis draft) as a part-time lecturer in a university. Freelancing doesn’t sound so free after all. I decided to go completely freelance on January…

Why I Sued GMA: Refusing Unfair Labor Practices in the Media

In June 2014, I sued my employer, GMA Network, Inc. Signing those documents sealed my future, or the end of it. Scratch that. The company does not actually recognize me as its employee, and that’s precisely why I, along with other members of the Talents Association of GMA (TAG), filed a case against the network….